Webinar: 5 Digital Transformation Trends Shaping CIOs' Agendas for Change

Increasingly the mix of the right technology with the human element is important for CIOs to get right as they navigate their company's digital transformation. The types of change this introduces ushers in a new way to make sense of the CIO's role.

The CIO role is no longer just about technology. It's also about culture change and employee skill development. With a hybrid workforce, how CIOs support where employees are working is a significant focus, too. How companies adapt to these trends is key to their success.

In this fireside chat, we talk with our guests about how they are helping their companies navigate these changes. We'll also explore where companies need to focus to be on the right side of change.


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Webinar Presenters

Tejas Totade
CTO, Ruder Finn
Juan Betancourt
CEO, Humantelligence
Shawn Murphy
Host: Director Organizational Behavior and Workplace Trends, Bluescape
  • Tejas Totade: CTO, Ruder Finn
  • Juan Betancourt: CEO, Humantelligence
  • Shawn Murphy: Director Organizational Behavior and Workplace Trends, Bluescape