How Bluescape’s Innovative Office Tech Aims to Advance Females in the Workplace.

How Bluescape’s Innovative Office Tech Aims to Advance Females in the Workplace.

new-footwear-news-logoThis article is from the FootwearNews "Women in Power" issue published on June 4, 2018

The footwear retail industry is shrinking. And in a global work environment, access to centralized, up-to-date information for team members across time zones is critical to a business’s success.


Bluescape’s virtual workspaces — which allow departments to collaborate with one another wherever they are — promise to deliver just that.


But the software company’s CEO, Peter Jackson, says the possibilities that these virtual workspaces offer extend far beyond just better general team collaboration and more organized workflows. In fact, Jackson believes that this type of technology can help give voice to the contributions and ideas of otherwise overlooked team members.


Here, the CEO weighs in on how Bluescape’s digital workspace collaboration software can help women in the workplace be celebrated, while showcasing their credibility. DIGITAL WORKSPACE TECHNOLOGY What do you see as the largest challenge women face in the workplace?

Peter Jackson: "In my career, I’ve seen many of the common challenges that women face in the workplace. There are three main ones that limit women, which in turn, limit their employers from benefiting from their talent."


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