Bluescape is a virtual workspace for creative meetings. Bring everything together, from anywhere

Try the online whiteboard used by major studios

See everything: mood boards, art boards, storyboards, and more
Share and discuss content with no loss of quality
Virtually collaborate like you’re in the same room
Warner Bros
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Infinite Canvas

Instead of discussing one piece of content at a time, organize everything in an infinite, collaborative canvas.
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Online Whiteboard

Enjoy a workspace and whiteboard in one. Capture every idea, iteration, and follow-up related to a project.
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Rich Content Sharing

Bring any file into Bluescape and see it as a hi-res visual asset. Edit docs and play videos right in the workspace.
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Virtual Meeting Room

Don’t let momentum and meeting notes disappear when the meeting ends. Stay in flow. Return anytime.
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Video Conferencing

Why meet in Zoom or Teams and screenshare when you can meet in a workspace, where all the work is?
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Present and Review

Ditch old slideware. Wow clients and stakeholders with a unique, visually spectacular experience.
less time in meetings
less time searching for documents
shorter project timelines

It all comes together in Bluescape