Bluescape Webinar: Business Continuity & Crisis Management

Bluescape Invites you to an in-depth look at managing your Business Continuity and Crisis Management incidents, helping you to hone your skills on keeping your workplace and networks secure for remote and office based operations. 

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In this webinar, participants will:

  1. Get ideas and practical tips for how to manage security incidents while working remotely. 
  2. Understand the concept of “Situational Scalability” and how you can scale your teams and organizations to handle the three areas of situational awareness directly supported by Bluescape: continual monitoring, planned events, and unplanned events. 
  3. Learn tips for business continuity, disaster recovery, and unplanned event planning while working remotely. 

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Mark Willis
CISO - Bluescape
Don Preble
Sr. Manager Operations & Logistics

About our Panelists:

Mark Willis: Mark spent a decade at Northrop Grumman as a senior software engineer. He was responsible for the government contractor’s security-related efforts, serving as the IT liaison between the US Army INSCOM and NSA Personnel Divisions while attaining a Juris Doctorate from George Mason School of Law. Mark then went on to become the Director of Software and Mobile Security for Aetna/CVS before joining Bluescape in June 2019.

Don Preble: Don is Bluescape's Operations Manager from 2013-2018 on the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery team. Don was the developer of our Disaster Recovery Plan that is still used internally at Bluescape.