Design Museum Boston

At this hands-on Summit, we will be showcasing our latest plug-ins, use cases and helping people learn how to grow their technology eco-system by sharing and educating others.
Nov 15th 9am - 5pm
Microsoft NERD Center

Event Overview

This year’s 5th annual Workplace Innovation Summit delves into the pervasive technology that surrounds us in the workplace and how that technology is transforming the way we work. How will we redesign the workplace while we are in the middle of an impending cultural shift in the future of work? Virtual reality is revolutionizing architecture and office design, paving the way for more holistic floor plans, and creative use of space. The rise of artificial intelligence in the workplace and the automation of entire industries spells the importance of soft skills and design that AI can’t replicate. Once the streets are lined with self-driving cars and office communication is at our fingertips on our phones, how do we maintain balance when the lines between work and home become blurred. The rise of technology affects us all, how will you apply it effectively in your own organization?






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The Venue

Microsoft New England Research and Development Center

1 Memorial Dr, Cambridge, MA 02142