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Bluescape allows you to have less meetings, send fewer emails, and throw out boring PowerPoint presentations in favor of more dynamic and productive collaboration.


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Less is more with Bluescape.

With Bluescape's intuitive, built-in features, you'll find your team is able to have less unnecessary meetings and more productive collaboration.

Send fewer emails.

Bluescape is packed with features that eliminate back-and-forths over email. Whiteboard, video conference, annotate, draw, leave notes, and so much more, all right in the virtual workspace.

Throw out boring presentations.

Say goodbye to boring Powerpoint and laggy screenshare. Create dynamic presentations in Bluescape using a variety of file types and content to tell compelling stories. Instead of screensharing, lead teammates and clients through a virtual workspace as they follow along on their screens in real-time. 

No more unproductive meetings.

With Bluescape, every team member has access to all the information in real-time. This means you can eliminate unnecessary meetings while making the necessary ones more productive for everyone involved.

Work better, together

Bluescape can be accessed by any team member, from any device, anywhere. 


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“Bluescape is the next best thing to being there in person.”

Jon Bokencamp

Creator and Executive Producer of hit show, The Blacklist

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