Report: Implementing a New Digital Collaboration Mindset and Workplace

Discover what leading companies are doing to transform how their employees work, meet, and collaborate. Focus on creating new work styles in the ways people prefer. Bring teams together for real-time work regardless of their location. Achieve faster decision making. Encourage innovative and creative thinking. Ultimately, build effective, efficient and agile teams.


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About the Author


Alan D Greenberg
Senior Analyst & Partner, Wainhouse Research

Alan is an expert on collaborative meeting and educational technologies and the application of these to team productivity, education, and e-Learning, with a particular focus on ideation technologies. He contributes to the Wainhouse Research Meeting Room Collaboration, Enterprise Video, Personal & Web Collaboration, and Unified Communications services. He has more than 25 years of experience as consultant, analyst, communicator, and strategist, and significant experience helping start-ups launch their products, and larger vendors devise new products and services. 

Highlights from the Report

Make Faster Decisions in a Shorter Amount of Time

Find out why workers are looking for meeting solutions that can compress the collaboration process and further streamline the way digital content is archived and shared.

Find News Ways of Working

Why do the standard technologies enterprises use to make decisions fail to enable them to surface information to employees quickly?

Measuring the Effectiveness of Enterprise Communications Technologies

How do people perceive the effectiveness of integrated ideation platforms compared to siloed technologies?