Building a Visual Collaboration Capability for Multi-Domain Operations

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MDOs often have less than 15 minutes to plan and act – Bluescape’s Content Experience Layer contextualizes information for superior outcomes*

Whether responding to a humanitarian crisis, planning an offensive mission, or reacting to a defensive situation, the ability to make critical decisions based on information that is often incomplete – or worse, misleading – is key to creating a dominant and successful effect in the field.

Bluescape’s patented DVC software uniquely creates an infinite visual workspace to aggregate myriad content sources in real-time and shorten decision-making cycles by up to 40%

Bluescape is the Content Experience Layer for MDO.

Distributed teams can use Bluescape to build a shared, real-time digital dashboard that contextualizes incoming data streams, which can then be oriented into useful information in collaboration with multiple stakeholders. MDOs can render any relevant input on the Bluescape workspace – data feeds, maps, video streams, AI-outputs, documents, images, or live websites/social feeds – and teams can quickly distinguish critical path data from misinformation.

Bluescape secure features include: Full SDK/API, OpenShift container-based support for government-provided cloud technologies (from AWS or Azure), dynamic configuration of real-time data sources w/XACML support, native video players and iFrame support, infinite content storage, defined and controlled canvases, and reference connectors to third-party software from vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, Google, and more.

Better decisions are made faster with Bluescape’s DVC – Deliver an immediate and coordinated response – wherever, whenever, and from any device.

*Source: Bluescape Commercial Enterprise customer references case study, 2018, available on

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