Bluescape Webinar: Remote Work Best Practices

Leading remote teams does call upon different leadership skills and, frankly, business practices. To help you adapt to this new reality, we’d like to invite you to an interactive webinar, Remote Work Best Practices.

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In this webinar, participants will:

  1. Get practical tips on ways to motivate remote employees
  2. Learn ways to help remote employees overcome feelings of loneliness
  3. Learn tips for maintaining visibility on important projects and making informed decisions when leading remotely




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Peter Jackson
CEO - Bluescape
Shawn Murphy
Director Organizational Development and Workplace Trends

About our Host & Panelist:


Peter Jackson:As an innovative and experienced CEO, President and Board Member with over 30 years of executive management experience including 12 years of public company management. He is known in the industry as a visionary for taking start-up companies to acquisition and IPO exits. As CEO of Bluescape, he is driving the company’s strategic direction, growth and market adoption of Bluescape’s collaboration workspace solution.

Shawn Murphy: Our resident work trends expert, Shawn Murphy, will lead this webinar. Shawn is the author of two books, The Optimistic Workplace and Work Tribes. He has his degree in organizational behavior from the University of San Francisco and an MBA from Drexel University.

"Even though your workforce is working remotely, they still need to feel a sense of
belonging within their teams and the company. It’s up to leaders to show their
remote employees that they are still valued, wanted, and welcomed."
- Shawn Murphy, Author
"We need to be flexible about the location in which our people work. We don’t need them to always be in the building, waiting around for something to do, just so we can look over their shoulder."
- Peter Jackson, Bluescape
"Think of working remotely as having two primary success factors: employees
experience a sense of belonging and progress is made on important work. One
without the other erodes morale and limits progress on important business
- Shawn Murphy, Author