Three Characteristics of Collaboration Software that Fuel Innovative Workplaces

With Featured Guest and Analyst, Margo Visitacion

Collaboration isn't a new concept, but the way people collaborate is changing

Today, there is a larger remote workforce, more collaboration technologies to choose from, and an ever-growing need for organizations to find technologies that help them transform to a digital environment.

Industry analyst, Margo Visitacion, discusses the key characteristics organizations must follow to transform work cultures for improved collaboration, better creative outcomes and faster productivity.



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Featured Speakers

Peter Jackson
CEO - Bluescape
Margo Visitacion
Vice President and Principal Analyst - Forrester

"Collaboration has been around for a long time. And I think that while everybody understands the notion of collaboration being good, that people have to work together, you can't just tell people "Go forth and collaborate. Without purpose, it just becomes noise."

- Margo Visitacion, Forrester
"The cloud allows us to take a project from beginning to end persistently and have everybody contribute. The bully in the room doesn't matter anymore. Everybody's contributing. And you can be anywhere in the world at any time of day."
- Peter Jackson, Bluescape
"The open nature of collaborative work management allows you to recognize that everybody has their own working style. There are a number of different solutions that people use because it's comfortable or it pertains to what they do."
- Margo Visitacion, Forrester