"The Mystery of Meetings"

Bluescape collaborated with a team from the award-winning animation production company Titmouse to explore what’s really going on behind the screens of video meetings. Watch the short, or scroll to learn more about the project.


Meet the Animators

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Matt Taylor

Animation Director
Additional credits: Metalocalypse, Rick and Morty: Exquisite Corpse, Fairfax
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Mari Jaye Blanchard

Additional credits: Sesame Street, Swing, SpongeBob SquarePants 360
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Jeremy Polger

Additional credits: Thundercats Roar, Centaurworld, AREA21
Titmouse Sander avatar

Sander Joon

Additional credits: Velodrool, Moulinet, Sounds Good, Sierra
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Dante Buford

Additional credits: Metalocalypse, Moonbeam City, Star Trek: Lower Decks
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Otto Tang

Additional credits: Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, By the Stream, Kinderwood

Roundtable with the Animators

Learn what inspired each artist's segment and peek into the creative process behind the short. Hear from all 6 animators and the producer!

About the project

The assignment was based on the core mystery of all video meetings: since you’re not in the same room as your team, you never really know what they’re thinking, what’s going on around them, or how they’re absorbing what you’re saying. Each animator was given 15 seconds within the short to explore the mysterious places people go during meetings.


Collab'ing in Bluescape

Developing the short required this fully remote team to be on video meetings—just like their avatars. Rather than sit idly in boxes, they met and collaborated in Bluescape. The team preferred having a freeform space to work in where they could visualize the project, share art, inspire each other, and break from the constraints of typical video meetings.


Behind the screens

"The Mystery of Meetings" allowed the team a great deal of artistic freedom. Director Matt Taylor encouraged each animator to express their own style and interpret the assignment in their own way. Like the Rick and Morty Exquisite Corpse Matt directed in 2017, "The Mystery" was a well-coordinated dance and the team pulled it off beautifully.


Go inside "The Mystery" workspace

Step inside the creative workspace the animators used while developing the short. Enter to explore storyboards, animatics, unseen cuts, and more.

We did our video calls in Bluescape, which was great because everything we needed to look at was right there. We watched videos together. We came up with new ideas. We had space to do all that. Bluescape made it really easy to collaborate.

Riley Riggen
Associate Producer

When we got into the space, I didn’t know anyone, but I completely felt comfortable. I felt like I could leave notes or draw or make comments on other people’s stuff. It was a really supportive environment.

Mari Jaye Blanchard

I was about to scrap the ending when I saw Riley was in the space. Seeing him there was exactly what I needed. We hopped on a call and talked it out. It was an impromptu but crucial conversation that happened at the perfect moment.

Matt Taylor
Animation Director

Working remotely, we kind of just see each other as boxes. So, to have a space where we can physically see each other moving around, it reminds me that this is a team.

Otto Tang
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