Build in Bluescape Live Sessions

Creative work is invigorating. Searching your Slack history for files? Not so much. Working extra hours because a note was missed in an email thread? Definitely not.

Calm the frenzy of creative projects. See how you can build creative spaces to spark ideas, stay in lock step with your team, and stop losing project materials.

We shared pro tips and asked your ideas as we built a workspace LIVE, together.

  • April: Organize Creative Ideas Like a Zen Master
  • May: Huddle with Your Team & Work
  • June : Hit Milestones & Drive Project Success

Watch the recordings today!

Warner Bros

Try the online whiteboard used by major studios

See everything: mood boards, art boards, storyboards and more
Share and discuss content with no loss of quality
Virtually collaborate like you’re in the same room
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Infinite Canvas

Instead of discussing one piece of content at a time, organize everything in an infinite, collaborative canvas.
Image - Two Tone copy 4@2x whiteboard@2x

Online Whiteboard

Enjoy a workspace and whiteboard in one. Capture every idea, iteration, and follow-up related to a project.
Image - Two Tone copy 3@2x image share@2x-1

Rich Content Sharing

Bring any file into Bluescape and see it as a hi-res visual asset. Edit docs and play videos right in the workspace.
Communicate (2) - Two Tone copy 2@2x Communicate (2) - Two Tone copy 3@2x

Virtual Meeting Room

Don’t let momentum and meeting notes disappear when the meeting ends. Stay in flow. Return anytime.
Video Conferencing@2x video conference@2x

Video Conferencing

Why meet in Zoom or Teams and screenshare when you can meet in a workspace, where all the work is?
Present and Review@2x present@2x

Present and Review

Ditch old slideware. Wow clients and stakeholders with a unique, visually spectacular experience.
less time in meetings
less time searching for documents
shorter project timelines

It all comes together in Bluescape