Webinar: Bluescape Live Demo

See why the world's biggest brands are turning to Bluescape to fill collaboration gaps for distributed teams. From marketing to product management, Bluescape is used across multiple teams to drive faster, better decisions.

Learn how Bluescape customers reduce project times by 50% and meeting times by 25%.



See Bluescape in action

Catherine Spence
Bluescape, VP of Marketing
Rob Deutsche
Bluescape, Sr. Sales Engineer

About our Host & Panelist:

  • Catherine Spence: The VP of Marketing at Bluescape. Prior to Bluescape she worked in HR technology as Managing Director at OutMatch, and is a Co-Founder of Pomello.
  • Rob Deutsche: A Senior Sales Engineer at Bluescape. Rob has spent his career building and championing workflow and collaboration software, focusing significantly on the creative media industries.