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Apparel and Fashion

How are major apparel companies able to speed up their review cycles, make better, more informed decisions, and get a true birds-eye view of a season's offerings from mood boards to finished designs, all while working with remote teams and distributed collaborators? The answer is the Bluescape hybrid work platform.

Learn how the leading apparel and footwear customers move faster, connect seamlessly with partners, and work together from anywhere, while reducing their carbon footprint and eliminating material costs.


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Product Design and Merchandising teams are faced with managing massive amounts of designs, samples, product briefs, and contracts, all while trying to plan for the next season out. These teams must also juggle licensees and vendors and make critical decisions with distributed teams. Not an easy task, especially when your team is working remote.


Bluescape enables real-time design reviews and collaboration across multiple locations, departments, and vendors. See first hand how Bluescape can help you reduce review cycles, speed up timelines, and get your products onto shelves faster. Did we mention that Bluescape helps you realize significant savings in material costs, so trees stay in the forest?

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Rob Deutsche
Sr. Sales Engineer, Bluescape

Rob has spent his career building and championing workflow and collaboration software, with a keen focus on creative industries.

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