3 Challenges of Virtual Leadership and Post Pandemic Work

“Baptism by fire” is how many leaders describe leading virtual teams for the first time.

Last year’s virtual leaders learned quickly and kept productivity up. Now as temporary remote work arrangements become permanent, they face new challenges.

What are the new rules and new tools of post pandemic work?
What skills and shifts in thinking are needed?

Join Leon Benjamin, a global workplace transformation expert to find out.

  • Nuances of leading a virtual team
  • Change management tips
  • Practices to thrive in the modern business world

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Léon Benjamin
Professional Services Director, Bluescape

Léon Benjamin is the Professional Services Director of Bluescape, a visual collaboration software company that enables its customers to transform the way they work. He can creatively form and concisely answer strategic questions in the workplace transformation arena to bring about meaningful business outcomes. He is previously co-founder of two successful workplace transformation consulting businesses specialising in technology adoption. He led the fastest adoption of Webex Meetings ever recorded, and invented a repeatable, predictable adoption methodology developed over an eighteen year period from a wide range of roles and assignments, most notably:

  • For Ernst & Young, led the design, development and roll out of an adoption plan for the global deployment a Modern Workplace platform to support its strategic goals based on flexible working, reducing the cost to serve and creating high performing teams and to reduce its $800m travel budget by 10%.
  • For Virgin Media delivered a flexible working initiative that dramatically reduced property footprint and travel by 20% per annum
  • Designed and architected British Telecom’s global customer success function making it the UK’s most successful Cisco adoption partner.

Previously spent 25 years designing and delivering complex IT transformation programmes, managing business change and agile software development in financial services, telecommunications, retail and travel, for blue chip companies, counting Union Bank of Switzerland, Barclays Capital, Accenture, Opodo, BT, Tesco, and British Airways.


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