Virtual Work Trends:
Next 6 Months and Next Decade

Last year changed lives for millions of knowledge workers around the globe. Leaders and teams were thrown into a new reality without any preparation.

The challenges of virtual work, however, aren’t new. And they’re here to stay, argues Demian Entrekin, Bluescape CTO and a veteran of the virtual communication industry. While you might be looking a few months in the future, Demian will share vision and predictions so you can plan -- and thrive -- for years to come.

  • Virtual work challenges exposed last year
  • How to prepare for the next several years by understanding past and future trends
  • How to thrive in any collaborative setting: virtual, hybrid or onsite

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Demian Entrekin
CTO, Bluescape

Demian is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several successful software technology companies over the course of his 25-year career. At Bluescape, Demian leads technological innovation and product strategy. Demian is a recognized leader in SaaS business models and technologies, and has held key leadership roles at software companies like Innotas (formerly Project Arena), Convoy Corp., and Teaching Channel. He is currently a featured writer on the Forbes Technology Council.


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